Lions Paw Development Company

En Su Boca

1001 North Boulevard

En Su Boca was the location that dreams are made of. Once upon a time, it had been built as a pre-fab service station. Then, in 1973 it became an adult bookstore. Our company had attempted to purchase the property by contacting the owners of record on several occasions. Finally, on a sunny, spring day, a “for sale or lease” sign was posted and we jumped at the opportunity to transform this corner into a restaurant that serves the Richmond community with a cross of warm service and hot food. Peeling away the fascia was a truly exciting moment. Seeing history become the future is part of what we do, and 1001 is a great example of that process. Randy O’dell, Patrick Stamper, and Eric Stangerone brought their vision of creating and serving a San Francisco mission district, Mexicali menu to folks who have an adventurous appetite. Through cooperative work from all parties En Su Boca was born in 2013 and serves as a gateway stalwart for the Boulevard.  This redevelopment took advantage of the State’s Enterprise Zone program. The Golden Hammer award that Lion’s Paw Development received from the Better Housing Coalition for this project remains one of our proudest moments of recognition from the development community.